lørdag, februar 24, 2018

In the dead of night

Oh I remember when the world was young
When we in sunny meadows played
When we on loves wings were flung
As the sun on the heaven stayed
We kissed with blooming soft petals its rays

As the frosts of hell now grip my soul
A time of wonder I vaguely behold
When everything in the world was new
And I felt the pleasure of admiring you
But a night too cold has set the sun, and hence my memory too

The remains of the day are ghostly rot
As I go in search of my final lot
Under a pale moon my sight will fail
And of my minds eye I shall avail
To see you vainly howling, under a moon so very pale

Hold on to fake and wakeful purpose
Keep busy with amazing pose
Till that ghastly touch of night, your soul receives in dose
And that howl becomes a melody so sad
That no distractions anymore will keep a man from going mad

Once the world was veiled in innocence
As a sun burned a clear blue sky
Now a dark night rules and my star spells past tense
Under the world its fleeting light, in murky waters die
To conceive a seed for fire to light the world up high

And all the ten thousand things will be forgiven
When anew, a sun ascends unto the heavens
From that dimly light of dying night
The bounty of creation is once again in sight
Rise and shine you happy few who endured the long, long night