lørdag, oktober 14, 2006

For any descendants

Short wisdom: poetry may be an end to literacy
Could anything good come of such a thing - anyway?
-: but this… maybe: to defend a broken man
with the ramblings of a somewhat fading spirit

What is left of me, you can hate
- as much as I fear what you’ll be…
Still… at least, I’m somewhere in the math ;-)
What’s left for you, however?
… is completely beyond me

What you read is the ghost
of a human that once made a world
This creature now fears and hates
what he once held:
and the world makes him - instead…

Fear is the mind killer
An inescapable fact of life:
this world will either teach you fear
or you were born with it…
in any case: age is the disadvantaged party…

Could you find the child you left behind?
- drop your mask of responsibility…
Reason: this world cares not for you
better leave it to it’s own devices
-: you’ll likely not stand a chance anyway

Note: if you should get the chance:
the lies of your trodden path are surely revealed
If only to yourself: be grateful
If only to others: your failure then is obviously complete

Unlikely third scenario: feel in your core
this most vital point: we live in vain
- Then again… maybe: vanity is probably the better word…

Fatalism you say?
Anything will be portrayed as an excuse
- or whatever - for that matter
What you can do: is to do
- and lend a critical ear to your critics!


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